1.7 Million Dollar Scholar, Nikeycia Hadley, shares how to Get Scholarships for College

GAINESVILLE, FL. and MEMPHIS, TN (EEF News) – The Education Equalizer Foundation is proud to present a virtual workshop on Thursday, February 2 at 7:00p EST featuring Nikeycia Hadley, a scholar who earned 1.7 million in scholarships from completing the Common Black College application and applying to several scholarships after being accepted into multiple colleges. “I am from Memphis, TN, and during my senior year of high school, I applied to multiple scholarships totaling over a million dollars. I want to share how I did it with you.”

Nikeycia is currently a sophomore music major at Miles College and HBCU advocate. “I am a former Common Black College Application Ambassador. I suggest that students who want to apply to HBCUs apply with the CBCA. The application helped me get accepted into multiple colleges and be considered for many scholarship awards.”

Nikeycia will join The Education Equalizer Foundation for a workshop called “Are you scholarship ready?” which will prepare students to complete their scholarship applications.

During the working session, we will begin the following, a resume that details their academic achievement, extra-curricular activities, and community involvement; draft letters of recommendation that they can give to their teachers, guidance counselors, coaches, and employers; and sample responses to multiple generic scholarship essay prompts to use for applications.

Arriving on time is strongly suggested by The Education Equalizer Foundation as we will assist high school seniors with preparing to apply for their college scholarship applications.

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