Dr. Kerwin Scott, Terrell Jenkins, and Nasseeka Denis hosted EEF Scholars at North Central Florida YMCA

Dr. Kerwin Scott, EEF Founder and Board Vice-Chairman, Terrell Jenkins, Santa Fe College Representative, and Nasseeka Denis, EEF Program Manager, hosted middle-high schoolers and their families for a scholarship workshop at the North Central Florida YMCA.

Nasseeka Denis met with Eastside High Schoolers to discuss ways to afford college

Nasseeka Denis, Program Manager, hosted an event at Eastside High School titled “Financing Your Education” to break down the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, Financial Aid Awards, including grants and loans, and Satisfactory Academic Progress. Denis encouraged the students to apply for scholarships.

Limited Seats Available for the EEF ACT and SAT Course on Saturday, February 25 at 8:30a

Thanks to the Walmart Foundation,, the Education Equalizer Foundation hosted its inaugural ACT and SAT prep course. “Any middle through high school-aged student preparing for the ACT and SAT exam should consider taking this course. It will help them secure money for scholarships in college and improve their test-taking skills,” said Dr. Kerwin Scott, EEF Co-Founder. The course is 100% virtual, and the class size is limited to ten students. The small class size enables test takers to get the tutoring they need to beat the ACT and SAT exams.

EEF CEO and Founder was selected to present at the Florida College Access Network Summit

“There have been thousands of students that have received millions of dollars in college scholarships and dozens of acceptances to HBCUs from using the Common Black College Application,” said Mr. Robert Mason. The Education Equalizer Foundation is hosting a working session at The Florida College Access Network Summit alongside Mr. Robert Mason, CEO and Founder of the Common Black College Application, to create a retention strategy for CBCA schools. Scott and Mason will lead a working session to unveil the Black College Equalizers program.

How are you spending scholarship season? Let EEF help you get to the money.

The Education Equalizer Foundation is proud to present an additional scholarship workshop on Thursday, February 28 at 7:00p EST featuring Nasseeka Denis, EEF Program Manager. “I am so glad that I attended the scholarship session at Aces in Motion with Nasseeka; I felt more prepared to complete my scholarship applications,” said a student during an anonymous survey.

Nasseeka Denis agrees to oversee scholarship program for EEF

Nasseeka Denis had agreed to join The Education Equalizer Foundation as Program Manager. “I enjoy helping kids pay for college. It’s an opportunity to support them to relieve a burden that I and others had to experience. It is also about helping their family not worry how they will pay for their student’s education,” said Naseeka. Nasseka brings a wealth of experience to help students afford college.

How EEF Increased the Number of Black Scholarship Applicants

The Education Equalizer Foundation and Aces and Motion partnered to host an “Are you scholarship ready?” presentation for high school seniors attending college in the Fall. “We’ve been told that our kids are not applying for scholarships. While this may be true in some instances, it’s fueled our desire to host this event. All of the students were engaged and focused on completing their scholarship applications,” said Dr. Carjie Scott, CEO, and Co-Founder.

Radio Operations Manager and Owner of Innovative Hair Salon, Krysi Johnson, joins the EEF squad

“If it wasn’t for the vision of Krysi Johnson, The Education Equalizer Foundation would not be on the radio,” said Dr. Carjie Scott, CEO, and Founder. Krysi has agreed to support The Education Equalizer Foundation on Powerstation 92.

1.7 Million Dollar Scholar, Nikeycia Hadley, shares how to Get Scholarships for College

The Education Equalizer Foundation is proud to present a virtual workshop featuring Nikeycia Hadley, a scholar who earned 1.7 million in scholarships from completing the Common Black College application and applying to several scholarships after being accepted into multiple colleges. “I am from Memphis, TN, and during my senior year of high school, I applied to multiple scholarships totaling over a million dollars. I want to share how I did it with you.”