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The Education Equalizer Foundation works with middle through high school students and their families to demystify the college admittance process and provide scholars with the necessary tools to graduate.

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Success by the Numbers

We prepared our inaugural College PASS cohort for college. They achieved 100% college admittance, with 60% receiving scholarships and 40% earning a full-ride offer into their top-choice schools, Tennessee State University, Livingstone College, Florida A&M University, Princeton University, Santa Fe College, and the University of Florida, to name a few…

Accepted to college and completed the FAFSA

Represent a low-income household

Average GPA
First-generation, Minority, or Black
Scholarship money secured


Boost your ACT/SAT Prep!

Did you know that your ACT/SAT scores can help you earn money for college? Let’s help you supercharge your skills to beat the ACT/SAT.

Class Date: Tuesday, December 5 from 5:30p to 8:30p EST

SMART FAFSA & Scholarship Sessions

Are you ready to realize your educational dreams while securing financial aid smartly? Join us at The Education Equalizer Foundation’s SMART FAFSA and Scholarship Planning Event, hosted by Naseeka Denis, our Scholarship Program Manager. This event is your gateway to accessing financial aid and scholarship opportunities while planning for a brighter future.

Date(s) and Time:
Every second Monday from October to January: Monday, October 9, Monday, November 13, Monday, December 11, and Monday, January 8 from 7:00 PM – 7:45 PM EST



The ACT/SAT Cram session was great. The interactions were amazing. Practice quizzes and reviewing the questions, especially the frequently missed ones, were great ideas as we got to go through them thoroughly so that everyone could understand.

ACT/ SAT Cram Session Student


Keep it up; you guys are doing a phenomenal job! The only feedback is I wish I had known about your organization sooner. My son probably wouldn’t have considered college if it weren’t for EEF. Your organization is an answered prayer.

Parent of an EEF Scholar


My daughter didn’t have the highest GPA or test scores; however, after she completed your summer session, you were able to help her increase her grades and overall work ethic. I don’t know what you said to her, but I am so glad she could talk with you guys. She starts college in the Fall!

Parent of an EEF Scholar


We took the boys on a college tour with EEF. They allowed middle schoolers to attend, which was everything I had hoped for! It sparked a fire in the boys about college, majors, the black college experience, and the divine 9! Shout out to the spring 23 Nupes, who we saw cross! When I say you have to keep your grades up…they have an incentive!

Parent of future EEF Scholars

Become an Education Equalizer Scholar

Apply for College PASS to become an Education Equalizer Scholar and receive college preparation during your junior and senior years of high school.

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1:1 (30-minute) College Consultation

We offer 1:1 college preparation assistance. Schedule an appointment to get help.

Virtual ACT/SAT Prep Workshops

Middle-High School Scholars and their families are invited to attend events like our ACT/SAT prep workshops.

Education Equalizer Scholar College PASS

Apply for College Prep 101 to become an Education Equalizer Scholar and receive college preparation during junior and senior high school years.

About our Partnerships

Coalition for College – Through our Coalition for College partnership, we can educate students about the college admissions and financial aid process. This application system enables underserved students an opportunity to apply to over 150 private colleges and traditional universities. Students can apply for free if they meet predetermined requirements.

Common Application – Common App is a non-profit college access organization that helps students apply to college every year. Common App’s free college application tool is designed to make applying to college faster and easier. With Common App you only need to use one system to apply to multiple colleges and universities. There are two main parts you fill out: a set of common questions and each college’s own specific questions. The best part is you only have to fill out the common questions one time!

Common Black College Application – We are partners of the Common Black College Application (CBCA), which has provided hundreds of students with acceptances and access to scholarships to over 65 of the nation’s premier HBCUs. Students can use our free application fee waiver code to apply using the CBCA.

HBCU Hub – The HBCU Hub application is the nation’s first and only mobile application that connects job placement recruiters with talented HBCU students.

Slate.org – Slate.org is directly integrated with Slate, Technolutions’ flagship product used by more than 1,500 colleges and universities. Slate.org extends this relationship to community-based organizations where the conversations about college begin.


Thank you to the following organizations for sponsoring The Education Equalizer Foundation.

The Wagmore Foundation

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