Only 2 Seats Remaining for the EEF ACT and SAT Course on Saturday, April 4 at 8:30a

GAINESVILLE, FL. and MEMPHIS, TN. (EEF News) – Thanks to the Walmart Foundation, The Education Equalizer Foundation hosted its inaugural ACT and SAT prep course. “Any middle through high school-aged student preparing for the ACT and SAT exam should consider taking this course. It will help them secure money for scholarships in college and improve their test-taking skills,” said Dr. Kerwin Scott, EEF Co-Founder. The course is 100% virtual, and the class size is limited to ten students. The small class size enables test takers to get the tutoring they need to beat the ACT and SAT exams.

“The course will be offered before each ACT/SAT exam date. The program cost is only $75.00 for three hours of tutoring. It’s best to study little by little instead of cramming; therefore if you know any middle schoolers (you should begin to prepare for the test at 14) who could benefit, please send them our way. This is one of the most affordable programs available to students. Therefore, cost shouldn’t be a concern; anyone wanting to receive tutoring can use this opportunity to increase their test scores,” said Dr. Carjie Scott.

It’s time to secure the bag! The ACT and SAT cram session course will prepare you to take your upcoming ACT and SAT exams. Register for the next session.

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The Education Equalizer Foundation works with middle through high school students and their families to demystify the college admittance process and provide scholars with the necessary tools to graduate.

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