Summer Career and College Preparedness Series: Unleash Your Potential for Future Success for High School Seniors

(Gainesville, FL) EEF News. Summer is the perfect time for high school seniors to prepare for their future endeavors, whether exploring career options, considering a gap year, or planning for college. In this career and preparedness series, Dani Tan will guide you through the essential steps to unlock your potential and set yourself up for success. From social media branding and networking to resume building, interview preparation, and professional etiquette, these insights will empower you to make informed decisions and navigate the exciting journey ahead.

Dani Tan – – Virtual Program Director

June 12 at 7p EST: Social Media Branding and Networking ft. LinkedIn

Kickstart your summer with personal branding and networking. Discover the power of creating a unique personal brand that reflects your passions, values, and aspirations. We’ll guide you through crafting an authentic online presence and utilizing platforms like LinkedIn to build a professional network. You’ll open doors to exciting opportunities and connections by showcasing your skills and interests.

July 17 at 7p EST: Gap Year Exploration and College Readiness

July is all about exploring gap year options and preparing for college. Whether you’re considering a gap year or planning to attend college directly, we’ll provide valuable insights and strategies. Explore different gap year opportunities, develop a purposeful plan, and maximize this transformative experience. We’ll cover college readiness for gap-year students, including researching institutions, writing compelling application essays, and building a strong academic profile.

August 14 at 7P EST: Resume Building, Interview Preparation, and Professional Etiquette

August is dedicated to equipping you with essential career skills. Learn how to craft a standout resume that highlights your accomplishments and experiences. Master the art of interview preparation, from researching companies to confidently answering common interview questions. We’ll also focus on professional etiquette, teaching you how to make a positive impression in professional settings through effective communication, proper attire, and professional behavior.

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The Education Equalizer Foundation is a college preparedness and scholarship community-based organization. We empower middle through high schoolers with the tools they need to get ‘to and through’ college.

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