Empowering Voices for Change: One Nation, One Project Oratorical Competition #silencetheviolence

GAINESVILLE, FL. (EEF News) The Education Equalizer Foundation oratorical competition funded by One Nation One Project was a powerful platform where young voices resounded with passion, addressing the issue of gun violence. Held at Greater Bethel AME Church on Saturday, August 26, 2023, this event combined expressive performances, heartfelt speeches, and profound essays to inspire unity and community engagement. Participants showcased their talents through expressive song and dance performances, but the heart of the event lay in the oratorical competition. One unforgettable moment was a student conquering anxiety to deliver a moving speech, symbolizing the courage and determination the event aimed to foster.

Mental health coaches on-site emphasized emotional well-being. The competition highlighted the exceptional preparation and dedication of the participants, leaving a lasting impact on the audience. Attendees were impressed by the depth of understanding and thoughtfulness displayed by the young speakers. The event facilitated an atmosphere of learning and growth, with speeches ranging from personal stories to societal analyses. Attendees were inspired to become more involved in their communities, recognizing the power of youth leadership.The oratorical competition, featuring participants spanning various age groups, showcased diverse perspectives on gun violence.

Sachin 2nd Place
Mia 1st Place
Iosona 3rd Place

It was a reminder that youth are not immune to societal challenges, emphasizing the need for community support.In the end, the winners stood out for their exceptional contributions. In third place was Iosona with “If I Ruled the World,” followed by Sachin in second place with “Triggers and Tragedy,” and the first-place honor went to Mia for her powerful presentation, “Gun Violence: It Matters Everywhere.” The oratorical competition empowered young voices for change, giving them a platform to address critical issues. As the event concluded, the message was clear: Youth have spoken, and their voices will shape a better tomorrow.

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