Radio Operations Manager and Owner of Innovative Hair Salon, Krysi Johnson, joins the EEF squad

“If it wasn’t for the vision of Krysi Johnson, The Education Equalizer Foundation would not be on the radio,” said Dr. Carjie Scott, CEO, and Founder. Krysi has agreed to support The Education Equalizer Foundation on Powerstation 92.

1.7 Million Dollar Scholar, Nikeycia Hadley, shares how to Get Scholarships for College

The Education Equalizer Foundation is proud to present a virtual workshop featuring Nikeycia Hadley, a scholar who earned 1.7 million in scholarships from completing the Common Black College application and applying to several scholarships after being accepted into multiple colleges. “I am from Memphis, TN, and during my senior year of high school, I applied to multiple scholarships totaling over a million dollars. I want to share how I did it with you.”

Nasseeka Denis, College Advisor, wants to help your high school senior pay for college on ‘College Talk’

Nasseeka Denis is the Post-Secondary Coordinator at Aces In Motion. In her role, she focuses on strengthening positive outcomes for AIM alumni. Nasseeka also works as an Independent College Advisor, assisting students and families in understanding the college application process, searching for scholarships, and transitioning from two to four-year institutions.

EEF is accepting nominations for EEF Educator of the Year and EEF Non-Profit Leader of the Year Awards

The Education Equalizer Foundation is honored to host its inaugural Million Dollar Scholar Bruch in partnership with Greater Bethel AME Church and Integrity Orchid Consulting to celebrate the achievements of The Education Equalizer Foundation scholars, education leaders, and non-profit leaders!

EEF celebrates the enrollment of its inaugural ACT/SAT prep cohort funded by the Walmart Foundation

Thanks to the Walmart Foundation,, the Education Equalizer Foundation hosted its inaugural ACT and SAT prep course. “Any middle through high school-aged student preparing for the ACT and SAT exam should consider taking this course. It will help them secure money for scholarships in college and improve their test-taking skills,” said Dr. Kerwin Scott, EEF Co-Founder. The course is 100% virtual, and the class size is limited to ten students. The small class size enables test takers to get the tutoring they need to beat the ACT and SAT exams.

CEO Patrice Crooms, PC Virtual Tutoring and Educational Solutions, discuss learning strategies, confidence, and empowerment of students on ‘College Talk’

Patrice Crooms has been an educator for over 12 years with various school districts in the sunshine state of Florida. She has had the opportunity to impact student achievement across the country via her online tutoring services. At 8 years of age, while in the 2nd grade, she started tutoring kindergarten and 1st grade students in reading and math in Jacksonville, Florida, but never thought in a million years that she was developing skills and expertise to pursue her calling. “Well it is over 25 years later, and I am still here and loving every minute of it,” said Patrice.

Dr. Tarcha Rentz, Education Entrepreneur, says its time to celebrate the grace, culture, and civic involvement of our young people on ‘College Talk’

Dr. Tarcha Rentz is an educator, speaker, educational consultant, and entrepreneur. She began teaching at Ft. Clarke Middle School in Gainesville, Florida in 1996 until 2001 when she began doctoral studies in special education at the University of Florida.  There she worked as a graduate assistant in East Alachua County schools studying reading disabilities and teacher preparation.  From that experience and a breast cancer diagnosis, Tarcha’s focus shifted to African American teachers’ perceptions of special education referral and the importance of mentoring black students in higher education.