EEF Awarded a 2K Grant from Walmart

GAINESVILLE, FL. (EEF News) –  Walmart hosted its grand reopening of the Walmart store on Waldo Road in East Gainesville. During the celebration, four local community-based organizations were honored for their service. Organization representatives spoke on behalf of their organizations to a crowd of Walmart customers and employees. The Education Equalizer Foundation received a $2,000 awardContinue reading “EEF Awarded a 2K Grant from Walmart”

ACT Fee Waiver Program

article submitted on September 6, 2022 by Success is as unique as a fingerprint—and so is the journey to achieve it. Create your own success and don’t let anything stop you! The ACT test provides personalized information to help you succeed in college and a career. If you’re having trouble paying for the ACT test, theContinue reading “ACT Fee Waiver Program”

The EE Foundation Announces New Board Appointments

The founding board members of The Education Equalizer Foundation have approved the following board members to join the organization for a three-year term. “We have experienced significant growth and we look forward to the direction in which our organization continues to go,” said Carjamin Scott, President and CEO.

Foundation’s inaugural HBCU fair a huge success

Dozens of students and families attended the Common Black College Hybrid HBCU College Fair that was hosted by the Education Equalizer Foundation, a nonprofit organization, whose mission of is to equalize the chances of underserved, minority and other students’ opportunities to be prepared not only to attend college, but to be successful in college.