Determined to Be a Doctor Someday Founder Dr. Christina Rosenthal creates a legacy of Doctors

We are delighted to spend time with Dr. Christina Rosenthal, founder and CEO of Determined to Be a Doctor Someday. Dr. Rosenthal has paved the way to equip toddlers and teens to become doctors. The organization was recently featured on Good Morning America for its work with Dr. Q, a DDS graduate who is now a practicing dentist that has helped numerous patients, including rap superstar Glorilla.

College Talk Radio Interviews are now on iHeart Radio, Spotify, and Anchor

College Talk interviews are now available on iHeart Radio, Spotify, and Anchor. The all-new Power Station 92.1 is home to the ‘College Talk’ radio show by Carjie Scott, Jason Hurst, and Krysi Johnson. Broadcast locally on FM 92.1 in Gainesville, FL, AM 900 in Ocala, FL, and nationwide at, the mission of ‘College Talk’ is to continue the college-going culture in Greater Northern Central Florida and nationally by highlighting the people, organizations, and businesses that equip our middle through high schoolers with the tools they need to thrive after graduation.

Noble Sheep Owners, Asley and Jose, Reflect on Brotherhood in Business on ‘College Talk’

Asley Pollas and Jose Alvarez own Noble Sheep, LLC. An organization that inspires students through leadership and professional development. “I met Jose while serving at Take Stock in children. We were immediately drawn to each other and quickly realized that we shared a common bond,” said Asley Pollas.

Nasseeka Denis, College Advisor, wants to help your high school senior pay for college on ‘College Talk’

Nasseeka Denis is the Post-Secondary Coordinator at Aces In Motion. In her role, she focuses on strengthening positive outcomes for AIM alumni. Nasseeka also works as an Independent College Advisor, assisting students and families in understanding the college application process, searching for scholarships, and transitioning from two to four-year institutions.

CEO Patrice Crooms, PC Virtual Tutoring and Educational Solutions, discuss learning strategies, confidence, and empowerment of students on ‘College Talk’

Patrice Crooms has been an educator for over 12 years with various school districts in the sunshine state of Florida. She has had the opportunity to impact student achievement across the country via her online tutoring services. At 8 years of age, while in the 2nd grade, she started tutoring kindergarten and 1st grade students in reading and math in Jacksonville, Florida, but never thought in a million years that she was developing skills and expertise to pursue her calling. “Well it is over 25 years later, and I am still here and loving every minute of it,” said Patrice.

Dr. Tarcha Rentz, Education Entrepreneur, says its time to celebrate the grace, culture, and civic involvement of our young people on ‘College Talk’

Dr. Tarcha Rentz is an educator, speaker, educational consultant, and entrepreneur. She began teaching at Ft. Clarke Middle School in Gainesville, Florida in 1996 until 2001 when she began doctoral studies in special education at the University of Florida.  There she worked as a graduate assistant in East Alachua County schools studying reading disabilities and teacher preparation.  From that experience and a breast cancer diagnosis, Tarcha’s focus shifted to African American teachers’ perceptions of special education referral and the importance of mentoring black students in higher education. 

Principal Curtis Peterson, Caring and Sharing Learning School, says strong family engagement is a critical part of student success on ‘College Talk’

Curtis Peterson assumed his current position as Principal at the Caring and Sharing School in Gainesville, Florida in 2008. While serving in the DeKalb County School System in Georgia as a successful school administrator, he was recruited by the Caring and Sharing School board to return to his hometown of Gainesville, Florida. In doing so, he was hired by the board and tasked to take the school to higher levels by expanding buildings, decreasing classroom sizes, and improving academic skills and student performance.

Jessica Brown, Nationally Recognized Financial Aid Expert, explains there is money for college everywhere for everyone on ‘College Talk’

Jessica L. Brown is a nationally recognized financial aid expert. As Founder of College Gurl, President of The College Gurl Foundation, Author of How to Pay for College When You’re Broke and the children’s book College Girl’s First College Tour. Jessica educates students and families on how to make the best-informed decisions around financing a college education. Named the Financial Aid Fairy Godmother, her mission is to ensure students have access to an affordable and quality education. Additionally, she mentors and exposes Washington Metropolitan area high school students to college through her nonprofit, The College Gurl Foundation.

Jason Hurst, Real Estate Agent, says your network is your networth on ‘College Talk’

Jason Hurst, entrepreneur and realtor is a featured guest. Jason owned two Maple Street Biscuit restaurants in Gainesville, FL. He recently sold to Cracker Barrel, earning a six-figure profit. He has nearly a decade of experience working with a variety of Fortune 100 companies, such as Pfizer, Inc. J.P. Morgan and State farm Insurance. His career began as a Wall Street analyst in Manhattan and has endeavored in both finance and sales during his corporate career. “I want to share with young people how invaluable it is to have a caring and supportive network; this is what truly identifies your network,” said Jason Hurst.

John S. Rollins, CEO of MOTIV8U, was interviewed on ‘College Talk’

“MOTIV8U partners with various private and public organizations, businesses, and educational institutions on the local, state, and federal level to ensure that everyone can experience this dynamic life-changing U*R IMPT ™(You Are Important) program,” said John Rollins.