Jessica Brown, Nationally Recognized Financial Aid Expert, explains there is money for college everywhere for everyone on ‘College Talk’

Jessica L. Brown is a nationally recognized financial aid expert. As Founder of College Gurl, President of The College Gurl Foundation, Author of How to Pay for College When You’re Broke and the children’s book College Girl’s First College Tour. Jessica educates students and families on how to make the best-informed decisions around financing a college education. Named the Financial Aid Fairy Godmother, her mission is to ensure students have access to an affordable and quality education. Additionally, she mentors and exposes Washington Metropolitan area high school students to college through her nonprofit, The College Gurl Foundation.

Jason Hurst, Real Estate Agent, says your network is your networth on ‘College Talk’

Jason Hurst, entrepreneur and realtor is a featured guest. Jason owned two Maple Street Biscuit restaurants in Gainesville, FL. He recently sold to Cracker Barrel, earning a six-figure profit. He has nearly a decade of experience working with a variety of Fortune 100 companies, such as Pfizer, Inc. J.P. Morgan and State farm Insurance. His career began as a Wall Street analyst in Manhattan and has endeavored in both finance and sales during his corporate career. “I want to share with young people how invaluable it is to have a caring and supportive network; this is what truly identifies your network,” said Jason Hurst.

John S. Rollins, CEO of MOTIV8U, was interviewed on ‘College Talk’

“MOTIV8U partners with various private and public organizations, businesses, and educational institutions on the local, state, and federal level to ensure that everyone can experience this dynamic life-changing U*R IMPT ™(You Are Important) program,” said John Rollins.